software development subscription agency

Software Development
as a Service

Your Software Development Subscription agency.
A better way to get things done for Marketing Agencies. We enable easy access to frictionless software development.

Your monthly subscription
for developing
your product.

Agile Squads

Simplify project iteration for your specific needs. We connect a Team Leader, a Developer and a QA. 3 people, easy.

5x Effective

1% of Latam top talent, powered by AI. Cost-efficient. We deliver in weeks not months.

easy subscription


Pick a subscription. Get access to your team. Submit tasks. Get sh*t done.


No commitment, no scope, exclusively high talented engineers, all inclusive, easy pricing.

self managed

Get access to your custom dashboard and start making requests. You can effortlessly track the progress and always know exactly where the team is at any given point.


Up to 60% less compared to a full-stack in-house engineer in the US.


EST is only 1 hour behind. PST 4 hours.  >50% of the day overlapped.


You can adjust the project roadmap based on the changing business market. You have unlimited requests.


Argentina leads LATAM in English proficiency and ranked as #1 in cutting-edge technology skills, with particular strength in software engineering.

no commitment

We want you to choose Braintly each month, driven by satisfaction, not obligation. You can cancel or pause your subscription anytime.

Straight forward pricing

Part-Time Squad

web dev or hybrid mobile team
unlimited requests
1 project
1 user
in-house talent
cancel anytime
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Full-Time Squad

web dev or hybrid mobile team
unlimited requests
2 projects
2 users
in-house talent
cancel anytime
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Custom Squad

custom tech stack
unlimited requests
unlimited project
unlimited users
senior, in-house talent
sync support
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Why this?


We compressed more than 10 years in the market to offer great value in a single product. Fixed projects create fixed outcomes. Our clients want us for the ride. A partnership where our work grows with their business. We inspire each other to challenge more, to become more.

Any Questions?

Let’s have a meeting and clear any doubts. We’ll gladly answer all your questions about our sevices.

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